LG Is To Reveal OLED Mobile Device

Posted by Unknown Friday, May 31, 2013

LG is going to reveal its OLED panel by the end of 2013. It’s the pioneer who brought in 55-inch curved OLED TV last month. Most of companies are planning to come up with a unbreakable mobile phones with burly body. And seeing this on-going trend, this step is welcomed by all.
This announcement was made at the discussion and society for the information Display week in Vancouver, Canada. This was telecasted and it showed all LG TVs, mobile and other products. Added to this, the company will now revamp its sales of TVs, LEDs and other products.

Mobile Printing Gets Secure after Accellion’s Announcement

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mobile users who use mobile file sharing facilities must be delighted hearing that Accellion INC, the pioneering solution provider brings in a secure mobile printing solution for all mobile users. With this advancement, professionals can print the content they need from any device and at anytime. And it will result in improving the productivity and rate of growth coincidentally.

Accellion Mobile Apps for Apple device and Android devices will now come up with trendy printing technology. As a consequence, many organizations can now safely print from any mobile device and they can print their file without using a VPN. It will for sure enhance their workforce and would help professional speed up their work.

Samsung Come Up with Galaxy 4

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rapper Jay-Z is the first among all others to see Samsung Galaxy which can now react according to the owner’s eyes. New York sees the grand release ceremony of this device on March 14 and it was one of the most anticipated Galaxy S4 at Time Square.
This device is just a release that follows the S III and more than 40 million devices have been sold out since launching last May. And it has been slated to be released on April 26th in the UK.

The most notable feature of the S4 is Samsung’s Smart Scroll and Smart Pause technology, which allows users to control the screen using their eyes.

The most exciting part of this release is it has a smart scroll and smart Pause technology and it help users control the screen using their eyes.

South Korean smart-phone manufacturer and distributor Samsung happily offers that they are going to bring its existing customers and attract new customer base by introducing Samsung devices called Mega, Mini and S4 active. Three of these new devices have 6.3”.

In July, this latest mega model Samsung Galaxy Mega will hit the stores. Moreover, they are saying that it will leave Nokia Lumia 928 and Lumia 925 behind. And they are sure that it will be a far better model and a smarter phone with a different niche.

Apple App Store Achieves 50 billion Downloads

Posted by Unknown Friday, May 17, 2013

This time Apple is in a mood to celebrate its achievement of hitting 50 billion downloads which is just double of what it had achieved since March 2012. (It hit the 25 million download mark that time.)
Right after five years of launching the Apple App store; yesterday it hit this milestone download mark. Apple disclosed this news just after few hours of Google’s announcement of reaching 48 billion downloads from Android apps store.
Apple has come up with some gift cards for the person who downloaded the 50 billionth app. Mr. Brandon Ashmore (the 50 billionth downloader) from Ohio will receive a $10,000 gift card. He can use it in the Apple app store. Apart from this the next fifty downloaders will receive a $500 gift card of the same kind.

Nokia Marketing For ASHA 501 Aggressively

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nokia has lately realized that it’s losing it ground in the smartphone race. Taking this in account,
Nokia has started bringing in low-priced smartphones and marketing them aggressively.

The new phone offers Internet access on a touch-screen with built in applications for popular
social media sites and more features than earlier models, which fell short of a full-fledged

He also announced a revamp of the Asha software platform in the hope of persuading more
developers to write applications for Asha phones.

Elop, hired in 2010 to turn around the once-dominant handset maker, is under pressure as a
controversial decision to switch to Microsoft Corp's Windows software is yet to bear significant
results after two years, with shareholders this week saying he should reconsider the move.

Although more people are buying phones with computer-like features, most of the handsets
Nokia sells are regular phones. Its failure to cash in on the smartphone boom saw it last year
cedes its 14-year reign as the world's top phonemaker to South Korea's Samsung Electronics.

"The market is undeniably moving towards smartphones - although India may be moving at a
slower pace than the likes of China, but it is still the case," said Jessica Kwee, a Singapore-based
analyst at research firm Canalys.

BlackBerry CEO Says Tablets are not a good business model

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 2, 2013

Putting a question mark to Tablet device market like hanging sword, BalckBerry CEO says that they are not going to roll out a tablet device in next five years.
He adds that the popularity of tablets will be downward in next five years. And none would find reason for its use in next few years.
 It has already raised several questions over whether they are going release their follow-up or not. In a conference in Los Angeles, he claims that tablet devices are not a great business model.
Just four months before , in last Jan, he said that they would take a decision whether they need a mobile device or not after testing the waters properly. Their PlayBook would get a successor only if it’s profitable a business.

According to a report, HTC is going to come up with mid-range smartphones and this news has been leaked on internet and get wide spread. The name of this is set is HTC M4. And it has the same designing like HTC one. However, it would be available in a smaller screen and the price would be lower at the same time.
The OS in it is Android and there would be Jelly Bean in it too. And the Taiwanese phone maker is expected to launch the HTC by the end of quarter second of 2013.