Nokia Marketing For ASHA 501 Aggressively

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nokia has lately realized that it’s losing it ground in the smartphone race. Taking this in account,
Nokia has started bringing in low-priced smartphones and marketing them aggressively.

The new phone offers Internet access on a touch-screen with built in applications for popular
social media sites and more features than earlier models, which fell short of a full-fledged

He also announced a revamp of the Asha software platform in the hope of persuading more
developers to write applications for Asha phones.

Elop, hired in 2010 to turn around the once-dominant handset maker, is under pressure as a
controversial decision to switch to Microsoft Corp's Windows software is yet to bear significant
results after two years, with shareholders this week saying he should reconsider the move.

Although more people are buying phones with computer-like features, most of the handsets
Nokia sells are regular phones. Its failure to cash in on the smartphone boom saw it last year
cedes its 14-year reign as the world's top phonemaker to South Korea's Samsung Electronics.

"The market is undeniably moving towards smartphones - although India may be moving at a
slower pace than the likes of China, but it is still the case," said Jessica Kwee, a Singapore-based
analyst at research firm Canalys.