With Mobile Phone, Commuters Are Texting More

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 29, 2013

With the advent of short messaging system or sms, commuters are texting more these days. They keep on texting even while driving and that’s exponentially enhancing the popularity of texting. Even three years ago, the picture wasn’t like this. They just want to keep in touch with their friends, family and acquaintances by texting them.
However, this is not a good behavioral and involves a good amount of risk. None can deny the chances of life risk in it. Survey reports are dreadful and they showcases that 6 out of 10 persons keep on texting throughout the day and even while on the drive.

Samsung Kick starts Its Connected Wrist Watch Development Project

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 21, 2013

With a new and innovative project of developing “connected wrist watch” Samsung is just on the heels of Apple INC.

According to sources, Samsung is going to develop connected wrist watch which is likely to be a part of its Galaxy range.

The Vice-President of Samsung mobile Lee Young Hee has confirmed this news. He gave nod to the report that they are working on “smartwatch” and this report was published in a Bloomberg report.

Samsung Smartwatch

However, rumors are there in the air and it’s about naming of the device as Galaxy Altius.

Hee haven’t come up with any specifications. However, the news giant Reuters has revealed a fact about it and according to it, it’s all about its features which have similarities with Samsung smartphones. He added that they had been preparing for the watch product for so long.

This news comes after Apple Revealed that it’s too working on a development project of a watch which will perform many of the functions of the iPhone and iPad.

BlackBerry Comments on Apple Operating System

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Although Apple is an iconic smart phone designer and seller, the CEO of BlackBerry is of another opinion. According to him, Apple’s design is fine; it lacks updated operating system. 

The CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins is becoming critical of the Apple’s operating system by commenting on it as “outdated”. While addressing a gathering in Australia, he added that Apple had really done a great job by bringing in touch screen devices. But, the iOS is just five years old.

Quite dramatically, this comment from the BlackBerry CEO came out a week after the Apple CEO said iOS still had the magic in it. Heins added that BB is discussing with various platforms for getting new, innovative and updated applications for its BlackBerry 10. On behalf of the company, he was proud enough to announce that by the end of this there would be almost 1, 00,000 apps available on BlackBerry platform. Now, there are total 70,000 apps already available. The launch is purely for the US market, he added.  

However, after giving all due respect to Apple, he said their operating system is now five years old.

Sony's New Mobile Offering

Posted by Unknown

One of the most exciting news around the corner is that Sony has already broadened its range of generation next smartphones with a name of Xperia. By releasing an affordable device 4G and with the best camera ever, this smartphones manufacturer is expecting that it would be well received by its fan globally. 

Sony Xperia SP and Xperia L
 By the end of June 2013, Sony is going to release another set of devices with the names of Xperia SP and Xperia L. The Former one is 4G devices and has got 4.6 Inch HD reality display. Moreover, it has an 8 megapixel camera. More importantly, Sony has declared that a transparent element and that keep on changing its color to indicate text message and incoming call.

One of the giant mobile service providers, BlackBerry today confirms that it is going to keep its commitment for providing security for business work and personal work separately. They are planning to achieve this by hiring a third party platform called Secure Work Space for iOS and Android. It will deal with the security part of this decade old security space. 

There is an update for BlackBerry Enterprise 10 will shortly come up with an extended security version. It’s planned to be used for data-in-rest and data-in-transit and thereby provide separate and competent security for work and personal data on the mobile platform. It includes secured client applications for mailing, gets you a calendar, contacts tasks and its manager, secured browsing and document editing for all device.


 BlackBerry offers you get better and compromise-free separation of work and personal data security. This is what mobile audiences need at the hour- says the David J Smith , EVP, Enterprise Mobile computing

China Mobile Ltd Profit is high just by 2.7%

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chinese Press report shows that China Mobile Ltd has a hike in profit of only 2.7% in 2012. According to previous report, this is the slowest one in the last three years. Moreover, the reason is quite valid behind this. This world’s largest operator has been made crippled by the low-end users and high handsets subsidies.
Chinese Mobile phones

The net increase this year is 129.3 billion Yuan from 125.87 billion Yuan in the previous year. This has been reported on behalf of the company. This statement has been made by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday. As per the statement this is an unfortunate rise this year which is just only 2.7%.

The net profit of the previous year was sharply better than that of this year. It was 127.4 billion Yuan. This is the first time fell in profit since 2009 according to Reuters.

Sony Says 2013 is a Great Year Ahead

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sony manufacturers are saying that 2013 is going to be one of the biggest years for their 40 million pound campaigning for Xperia Z. They are advocating that it’s the biggest advertising even in the history of their 12 years manufacturing and distributing campaign.

Sony Xperia Z
On March 1, the Sony Xperia Z went on sale in the UK and they added it’s only the beginning. This year will see many other releases of Xperia devices and most importantly the release of Xperia Tablet which is all set to be released in Q2.
The President of this company of the north-western Europe region says that he wants to elevate the position of Sony to the third biggest rank in the world as smartphone and tablet manufacturing organization by the end of this year.
Declaring 2013 as its “comeback and beyond” the management says that this 2013 campaign is the heart of their plan and with it they would broaden the image of Sony brand, and revamp the passion among customers who love it.

Basekit Brings A New Mobile Website Builder Platform

Posted by Sonu Kumar Wednesday, March 6, 2013

With almost 5 years of experience under its belt, Basekit has launched a new website building platform for all its users. The ease and prompt quality of this website building platform is making it a heck of lot easier for users. Added to these trendy features, this platform brings all large tools and SMB’s for creating a fully functional website.

Of late, it has been observed that almost every user has a Smartphone or tablet. They prefer surfing internet through these devices which in turns makes it compulsory for every online entrepreneur to get one such mobile website. This is why this platform can be taken into consideration and admittedly, fetches you all benefits needed. 

Background of Basekit-

In order to bring in a breakthrough way of processing and creating websites, this platform was launched as early as 2008. The three founders of this platform found that the way of creating traditional websites using various software and applications was limited, tedious and moreover, it takes much time.  With this idea in mind, you can surely go ahead and get a working website even if you have no technical skills. 

The Three unique features of this platform-

Text Adjustments- The newly introduced platform, website owners get an option to adjust the style and font size of the website texts and make it easily visible for you and your users. 

Call Me Button- This platform provides you a facility with the help of which your users would take less time to contact you over the phone. It would give all potential way to get in touch with your users. 

Image Optimization- This is an in-built process which provides you all facilities for minimizing images and load contents as easily and fast as with the desktop website. 

Basekit with this new platform stretching its helping hands for website owners all across the world.

DudaMobile Comes Up With New Builder Site

Posted by Sonu Kumar Sunday, March 3, 2013

The giant mobile do-it-yourself website builder company has launched another big version of their website to make it faster and easier for its users. This popular portal that has already a three million support has taken this step in order to reach out to the wider audience.

The CEO of the company Mr. Dennis Mink said that they were very excited to launch this new version to stretch a helping hand to their users by making their make your existing site into a mobile one easier. He added that they realized this overtime and come to fix all issues and create this portal more accessible for their users. It would help you easily.

When he came to explain, he made it clear that apart from the aesthetic and appearance related issues, this time DudaMobile has made it easier for building a website easy-to- navigate. Firstly, the entire time taken for publishing website has been reduced substantially. Less time, more work. 

Secondly, it has a new tool option called “Add Page”. Mobile website owners now can easily create a page and get a real easy way to add a page to their mobile site. It would be better for developers too.  Third and the most important one is you get various backgrounds to add to your mobile site. It would give you all what you need for changing the appearance of your website. Be careful about it and get a better mobile site.