One of the giant mobile service providers, BlackBerry today confirms that it is going to keep its commitment for providing security for business work and personal work separately. They are planning to achieve this by hiring a third party platform called Secure Work Space for iOS and Android. It will deal with the security part of this decade old security space. 

There is an update for BlackBerry Enterprise 10 will shortly come up with an extended security version. It’s planned to be used for data-in-rest and data-in-transit and thereby provide separate and competent security for work and personal data on the mobile platform. It includes secured client applications for mailing, gets you a calendar, contacts tasks and its manager, secured browsing and document editing for all device.


 BlackBerry offers you get better and compromise-free separation of work and personal data security. This is what mobile audiences need at the hour- says the David J Smith , EVP, Enterprise Mobile computing