BlackBerry Comments on Apple Operating System

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Although Apple is an iconic smart phone designer and seller, the CEO of BlackBerry is of another opinion. According to him, Apple’s design is fine; it lacks updated operating system. 

The CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins is becoming critical of the Apple’s operating system by commenting on it as “outdated”. While addressing a gathering in Australia, he added that Apple had really done a great job by bringing in touch screen devices. But, the iOS is just five years old.

Quite dramatically, this comment from the BlackBerry CEO came out a week after the Apple CEO said iOS still had the magic in it. Heins added that BB is discussing with various platforms for getting new, innovative and updated applications for its BlackBerry 10. On behalf of the company, he was proud enough to announce that by the end of this there would be almost 1, 00,000 apps available on BlackBerry platform. Now, there are total 70,000 apps already available. The launch is purely for the US market, he added.  

However, after giving all due respect to Apple, he said their operating system is now five years old.