DudaMobile Comes Up With New Builder Site

Posted by Sonu Kumar Sunday, March 3, 2013

The giant mobile do-it-yourself website builder company has launched another big version of their website to make it faster and easier for its users. This popular portal that has already a three million support has taken this step in order to reach out to the wider audience.

The CEO of the company Mr. Dennis Mink said that they were very excited to launch this new version to stretch a helping hand to their users by making their make your existing site into a mobile one easier. He added that they realized this overtime and come to fix all issues and create this portal more accessible for their users. It would help you easily.

When he came to explain, he made it clear that apart from the aesthetic and appearance related issues, this time DudaMobile has made it easier for building a website easy-to- navigate. Firstly, the entire time taken for publishing website has been reduced substantially. Less time, more work. 

Secondly, it has a new tool option called “Add Page”. Mobile website owners now can easily create a page and get a real easy way to add a page to their mobile site. It would be better for developers too.  Third and the most important one is you get various backgrounds to add to your mobile site. It would give you all what you need for changing the appearance of your website. Be careful about it and get a better mobile site.