Samsung Kick starts Its Connected Wrist Watch Development Project

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 21, 2013

With a new and innovative project of developing “connected wrist watch” Samsung is just on the heels of Apple INC.

According to sources, Samsung is going to develop connected wrist watch which is likely to be a part of its Galaxy range.

The Vice-President of Samsung mobile Lee Young Hee has confirmed this news. He gave nod to the report that they are working on “smartwatch” and this report was published in a Bloomberg report.

Samsung Smartwatch

However, rumors are there in the air and it’s about naming of the device as Galaxy Altius.

Hee haven’t come up with any specifications. However, the news giant Reuters has revealed a fact about it and according to it, it’s all about its features which have similarities with Samsung smartphones. He added that they had been preparing for the watch product for so long.

This news comes after Apple Revealed that it’s too working on a development project of a watch which will perform many of the functions of the iPhone and iPad.