Sony Says 2013 is a Great Year Ahead

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sony manufacturers are saying that 2013 is going to be one of the biggest years for their 40 million pound campaigning for Xperia Z. They are advocating that it’s the biggest advertising even in the history of their 12 years manufacturing and distributing campaign.

Sony Xperia Z
On March 1, the Sony Xperia Z went on sale in the UK and they added it’s only the beginning. This year will see many other releases of Xperia devices and most importantly the release of Xperia Tablet which is all set to be released in Q2.
The President of this company of the north-western Europe region says that he wants to elevate the position of Sony to the third biggest rank in the world as smartphone and tablet manufacturing organization by the end of this year.
Declaring 2013 as its “comeback and beyond” the management says that this 2013 campaign is the heart of their plan and with it they would broaden the image of Sony brand, and revamp the passion among customers who love it.