Vodafone Gets 100,000 4G Customers

Posted by Unknown Friday, October 11, 2013

Vodafone has signed up more than 100,000 people to its 4G service in the five weeks since it went live, with the operator bringing the proposition to more than 80 towns and districts across London.
The operator is set to launch 4G into Liverpool on 17 October, with Glasgow to follow on 24 October. Vodafone said the coverage in the UK's capital stretches from Harlow in the north, to Dorking in the south, as well as from Dartford in the east to Windsor in the west. Vodafone started selling its 4G tariffs seven weeks ago, offering double standard data allowances, unlimited calls and texts and access to either Spotify or Sky Sports. Vodafone also offers 4G coverage in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield.
Vodafone has been more candid about its 4G sign-ups than rival EE, which took five months to reveal how many customers are on its next generation service. EE, who launched 4G last October, has more than one million customers on its tariffs.