A report shows that BlackBerry loses 3m customers in just three months to March 2 2013. However, this lose haven’t yet impacted its profit-margin. Interestingly, BlackBerry makes a profit rise from $14m to $94m in the Q4.

At the end of the previous quarter, BlackBerry had a customer base of 79m which has now come down to 76m. Even, the revenue for it’s the third quarter was 2% higher than the revenue for its Q4. By the end of Q3, BlackBerry revenue was 2.7billion. However, the Q4 revenue figure points a slowdown in revenue generation by 36% in compare to the same period last year.

 By January 31 2013, BlackBerry dispatched one million BlackBerry 10 units to the UK and the rest 5m smartphones were shipped the world over.

This manufacture looks forward to launching an extensive marketing campaign in Q1 which will be followed by the global release of BlackBerry 10. They expect a 50% increase of sales sequentially.