ZTE enters Into Android Patent Deal with Microsoft

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One of the World’s largest Smartphones manufacturers and China’s corporate giant ZTE has entered into a deal with Microsoft and has agreed to pay loyalty for its devices that come up with Google’s Inc’s Android and Chrome operating systems.
ZTE is among the hardware manufacturers who made a deal with Microsoft lately and said that it would start using Android. Google provides this free to handset manufacturers by using Microsoft technology.
However, Google along with its Motorola phone manufacturer unit are the most notable one who resist agreeing with Microsoft’s patent rights. This difference of opinions is likely to be settled soon which now depends on Seattle court’s verdict.
This latest deal with ZTE makes it clear that Microsoft has already signed deals with the top four out of the five largest Android phone manufactures.
Microsoft has already entered into patent rights deal with Samsung, LG and HTC. However, it has no deal with China’s fast-growing manufacturer Huawei though.