Users Want Larger Than Life Mobile Screen

Posted by Unknown Monday, April 22, 2013

In a survey conducted all over the month of March 2013, mobile users have questioned about their present devices and what more they would expect from their mobile devices. The conductor of this survey was iGR and the other list of questions was related to what activity they do in their mobile devices and Tablets and how they would recommend the manufacturers for their dream devices.
However, one of the questions of main focus was about the screen size of the devices users love to use. This top the list of questions as iGR is focusing more on the mobile screen size itself. On smartphones even, people love using bigger mobile screen and they really want it when it comes down to shopping for a new device. 40% of the people who take this survey said that they would like to have the same size of mobile screen as they are having it right now; 21% of them want a much bigger screen. A few of them choose for smaller screen too.